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Arogyodayam Arogyodayam means the rise of good health. Here in arogyodayam, we are offering authentic Ayurveda treatment to our society to improve health for better living since 1934.We provide traditional Ayurveda treatments in a contemporary way to match the demands of the present society with all modern technologies and amenities.

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Carol Bergin

A Journey Through Arogyodayam Ayurveda Hospital
  • When I decided to undergo ayurvedic treatment, I wanted to have the most Indian experience possible.
  • My previous trip to India convinced me that there was much I could learn fr

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Shaik zakia

  • • I am extremely happy that I came to arogyodayam, I came here with my husband, I was suffering fr

  • m back pain and knee pain, after the treatment I feel better, my knee and b

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